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Prolights Studio COB

STUDIOCOB is designed to establish a new standard in the field of diffused light projectors, emerging from the interaction between Chip On Board technology and a new optical solution to maximize efficiency and ensure unprecedented performance in his category.STUDIOCOBFC employs a 150W COB CREE LED source RGB/FullColor, combined with a special parabolic reflector built in aluminium which develops an extremely bright and homogeneous 60° output, with a perfect color mixing even in short-range applications.




STUDIOCOB is a project developed for professional venues by offering a new dimmer technology with super-linear and anti-flickering ramp for any camera, with frequency adjustment from the user interface. The absolute noiseless STUDIOCOB operation makes it suitable even in noise sensitive environments or in applications with a large quantity of projectors.


The range of accessories for STUDIOCOB consists of barndoors, filter holders, and optical filters to achieve tighter projection angles like 25 °. 


Prolights Studio COB

  • Click Here for a PDF User Manual

    Click Here for a PDF DMX Chart

  • Features:
    FC – 150W Full Colour COB LED source with HD dimming and an extensive, even colour palette.
    CW – 100W 5000K COB LED source with HD dimming and high CRI. WW – 100W
    3200K COB LED source with HD dimming and a high CRI. UV – 100W UV COB LED source with HD dimming.
    Flexible lens options of 15°, 30° and 60°.
    Functional barndoors for beam control.

    Light Source:
    Source: FC – 150W COB RGB Led. CW/WW – 100W White COB Led. UV – 405nm 100W UV LEDs
    Luminous Flux: FC – 2163lm. CW – 4880lm. WW – 3771lm. UV – 79lm.
    Source Life Expectancy: >30.000 h

    Beam Angle: 60°
    Field Angle: 80°
    Lens Type: Dichroic parabolic reflector in combination with HD fresnel lens
    Additional Optics: 30° (inc) – 15° (opt)

    Colour System (FC):
    Colour Mixing: RGB/FC
    White Presets: 2800-9000K
    Colour Wheel: Virtual colour wheel with presets
    Macros: Built-in white presets

    Dynamic Effects:
    Static Colour Mode: Selection of static colour
    Manual Colour Mode: Manual adjustment of colour (FC) dimmer and strobe (CW, WW and UV)
    Auto Mode: Built-in programs with execution speed adjustment

    Body: Sturdy die-cast aluminium body conceived for long-time durability
    Body Colour: Black, Mirror finishing available

    Protocols: DMX512
    DMX Channels: 3/5/8ch (FC) 1/2/5ch (CW, WW and UV)
    Display: Black OLED high resolution display
    Firmware Upgrade: Yes, via USB-DMX interface (UPBOX1) not included
    Master/Slave: for synchronized operation of more units linked in a chain

    Dimmer: Linear 0~100% electronic dimmer
    Dimmer Curves: 4 Different dimming curves available
    Strobe/Shutter: 1-28 Hz, electronic
    Operating Temperature: -10° ~ +45°
    Flicker: Flicker free operation
    Selectable PWM: 600~25K Hz

    Power Supply: 100-240V – 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption (at 230V): 140W (FC) 121W (CW) 113W (WW) 124W (UV)
    Power Consumption (at 120V): 140W (FC) 120W (CW) 116W (WW) 128W (UV)
    Output (at 230V): 12 units on a single power line

    Signal Connection: 3p+5p in/out
    Power Connection: PowerCON in/out
    IP: 20
    Cooling: Forced air with low noise fan
    Suspension And Fixing: Double hanging bracket suitable for safe hanging and for floor positioning
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 262x190x371mm
    Weight: 4.5kg

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