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Manfrotto `Double Wind Up
The essential, versatile Steel Wind Up Stand. This expertly designed Wind Up Stand combines all the must-have features you'd expect from a heavy-duty stand. Blending strength, portability and stability, it’s an essential item for serious professionals looking to get perfect lighting even in trickier environments.

This heavy-duty stand is made to last, even when used on rugged terrain, and with heavy loads. The black steel is strong and durable as well as looking sleek, and it comes in 3 sections, with 2 risers. This enables you to raise and lower the stand in moments, without any fiddling. In fact, you can extend up as high as 3.7m!

The top features handy, universal mounts for total compatibility too, helping you to easily mix and match with whatever gear you need. It has a 16mm female socket and a 16mm male stud included, and it can support up to an impressive 30 kg making it ideal for photography lighting equipment such as LED lights, background supports and other large studio equipment. The levelling leg keeps everything nice and steady, even on rougher ground, and you can pair with wheels 104, 104G or 374-10 if you need to glide across the floor effortlessly.

Manfrotto `Double Wind Up

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    • attachment number type: 14 attachment type
    • Color: black color
    • column tube Diameter: 55.45.38mm
    • levelling leg: 1 Kw
    • load capacity at maximum extension at 6° inclination: 30 kg
    • material: chrome steel
    • risers stand number: 2 Kw
    • stand leg size: Ø30mm
    • suggested wheels: 104.104G
    • closed length: 181 cm
    • maximum height: 370 cm
    • minimum height: 167 cm
    • safety payload: 30 kg
    • weight: 21.700 kg
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