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CirroCS6 - Cirro STRATA

The new Strata CS6 supersedes the Cirro Micro Mist. We have increased the mist output, and reduced the noise level. If available space or power and noise is an issue we have invented the two part case. Simply connect a hose between the conveniently sited compressor and remote the tank via an air hose to the required area.


Ideal for Film and Television Studio Locations, Concert Tours, Theatre, Clubs and Discos.


All Cirro Mist Machines use the COSHH & CE tested & approved "Cirrus" System.


Cirro Fluid is a pharmaceutical grade liquid.


CirroCS6 - Cirro STRATA

  • Click Here for a PDF User Manual

  • Complete system:
    Total Weight: 26 kg
    Size: H330 mm x W310 mm x L530 mm

    Tank only:
    Total Weight: 10 kg
    Size: H330 mm x W310 mm x L235 mm

    Total Weight: 16 kg
    Size: H330 mm x W310 mm x L330 mm

    Power: 220/240v ac 300 watts 50 Hz
    Fluid consumption: ~35 ml per hour

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