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Motorola XT420 Radio Kit - 60Way

These versatile and dependable radios combine outstanding quality with excellent affordability, giving you and your operation the competitive edge. With crisp, clear audio and exceptional durability, XT400 Series radios deliver great performance in any working environment, from harsh weather conditions to highly noisy areas.

The XT400 Series comes with the right credentials for businesses to take full advantage of: exceptional quality, affordability and durability to outlast high noise, tough conditions and hard use.

Motorola XT420 Radio Kit - 60Way

    • Exceptionally clear audio
    • Range: 16 250 m2, 13 floors or 9km line of sight
    • Robust water and dust resistant metal casing – meets US Miltitary 810 standards and IP55 rating
    • Two programmable buttons allow quick and easy access to commonly used functions.
    • 16 Channels
    • 16-position channel/code selector knob
    • Channel Announcement with Voice Alias
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