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Zarges Ladder

The original and still the best! The incredibly versatile Industrial Skymaster is the ladder of choice for professionals.

Upper ladder equipped with top wheel assembly (from size 3 x 8 and above).
Can be used on steps/stairs (Order Nos. 41526-41522).
Upper ladder can also be used separately as single ladders for Order Nos. 41526-41522.
Maximum stability thanks to rigid locking bars on both sides.
High-strength Perlon straps with sewn-in fixing tab to prevent splaying.
The horizontal stabiliser bar is fitted with castors for ergonomic transport.
Optimum wrap-around stile guide that encompasses the whole rung.
Rung hook and stile guides are bolted in and can therefore be replaced.
Replaceable 2-component plastic end caps ensure positioning without risk of slipping.

Available sizes as below:


8 Rung


10 Rung


12 Rung


14 Rung


Zarges Ladder

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