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JLLighting supplies Volkswagen preview event

In January 2020, JLLighting was the complete technical supplier for a large-scale event at Magazine London on behalf of Volkswagen and The Fresh Group.

The event, which welcomed both Volkswagen employees and pre-bookers to the venue and The Intercontinental O2 at different stages over two days, celebrated the Volkswagen brand and showcased a new generation of electric vehicles in the form of the ID.3.

Volkswagen commented: “The event went really well and the feedback so far has been very positive. With JLLighting’s tireless efforts and commitment the end result worked as we envisioned.”

Jack Linaker, MD of JL Lighting, added: "We were thrilled to be working alongside Volkswagen and The Fresh Group to bring this event to life. The JL Lighting team were hard at work as the technical supplier, providing lighting, sound, power, rigging and video across five venue set ups, and the end result looked fantastic."

  • The project in numbers:

  • 1 venue - Magazine London

  • 1 hotel - The Intercontinental O2

  • 5 venue set ups

  • 3 rigs (inc. 2 overnight)

  • 9 trucks (45ft)

  • 130+ technical team crew members

  • 368 lamps

  • 448 video wall tiles

  • 4km+ of cable

  • 760 delegates (over 2 events)

To learn more about JLLighting’s technical support offering email


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